twinwin supports you during the employee separation process

Within a few hours after entering the requested data, you will receive a result on the economic risk and best practices for the separation process. In detail, step by step.

No long waiting period

Our experienced team will answer your questions by phone or digitally - even if it's not about employee separations or they will refer you to one of our partner lawyers.

Calculate more accurately

We always build up staff provisions safely and optimise liquidity with foresight.

Quick results

Your economic risk & best practices in the separation process will be sent electronically by e-mail within 48 hours.

twinwin is simple and fast

Our risk analysis and recommendation app, exclusively developed by HR and legal experts, accompanies you during the appreciative employee separation process.

Fair and safe separation from employees

Calculate your economic risk for separations with our tech-supported legal expertise now. Additionally, we offer recommendations on best practices in separation culture.

Win-win for employers and employees!🙌

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